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PR Sutra is Hyderabad based broad spectrum advisory in the area of professional image management consultancy. It is a full service dedicated public relations consultancy offering services to meet strategic communication needs in a challenging operating environment.

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We understand that every sector/industry has a unique framework of needs, values, performance-measures, media networks, and stakeholders. Considering these inimitable needs, we offer customized and integrated communications solutions to suits your specified needs.

We deliver on promises whether the need is region focused or industry-specific or a combination of the two.

  • Campaign strategy 25%
  • Competition / Industry analysis 15%
  • Implementation 40%
  • Course correction 10%
  • News tracking 5%
  • Feedback 5%


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Press Conferences

Alejandro Villanueva Kids Jersey style=”text-align: justify;”>To communicate major corporate or product related developments with target groups. Press Conferences can also be organized to air view points or issue clarifications at times. Team PR Sutra will book venue, ensure logistical needs, invite media and coordinate all aspects related to hospitality.


Press Releases:

Team PR Sutra will help Clients identify press release opportunities from day-to-day business operations or any new developments; draft press releases; issue the note to the right set of journalists; and ensure coverage.


Media Tracking:

Monitor both print and regional electronic media aggressively from Client and industry perspective. Real time updates will enable advisory strategize for this market better.


Crisis Communication:

Team PR Sutra will help Clients preempt possible crisis scenario and prepare in advance; and also communicate effectively in times of crisis. Team PR Sutra closely works with Client to prepare contingency plans or take effective curative steps. Team PR Sutra will work closely with the Client to ensure appropriate media relations and necessary media training from time to time.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Any conversations or Q&A with the customer should be personable, and reflective of the organization’s culture or brand image. Because these conversations are also public, they serve as indicators to newbies and prospective customers of how easy it is to resolve problems and to find a helpful person to talk to. When people read FAQs they often look for more than just an answer. They may be judging our understanding prior to engaging with.

What is Public Relations?

Developing connect and building a strong association with the target audience is at the core of Public Relations. It is about building trust and often includes creating a strong brand and great reputation to allow you to build markets. Relationships might be with the general public; consumers – potential customers and clients; investors; employees; government officials, agencies and regulators; and the media; Public Relations play a vital role in each of these aspects. Your relationship with any of these audiences may or may T.J. Watt Jersey not be mutually beneficial at any given time. Successful Public Relations campaigns create mutually beneficial relationships and incite change.

What is Media Relations?

An important and well-known component of public relations, the media relations helps you build a strong network with journalists. This connect could be used to communicate your messages via various media platforms, and in turn get a third-party endorsement for T.J. Watt Authentic Jersey your product or business. We indulge with media to publicize companies and their products through what we call “earned media coverage” or the non-paid format of publicity. This earned media coverage happens when the news features your company, brand product, service or spokesperson. Unlike advertising, which sponsors the news, public relations uses earned media coverage to integrate you into the news content. The earned media coverage can be from print, broadcast and online media.

Public Relations or Advertising?
No one tunes into the news to see who’s advertising! People switch to news channels and visit news websites to stay informed, educated and entertained. Do you regularly turn to any website, TV show, newspaper or magazine for the advertisements?

Studies show that people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and the RoI on public relations leaves advertising’s RoI in the dust. People have trained themselves to ignore advertising. For less cost than advertising, PR creates a more credible impact.

I can’t imagine that any firm could have gotten us as much coverage as PR Sutra. Your understanding of our business helped us establish our brand and product effectively in the market


CEO, EnterSoft

PR Sutra has always exceeded our expectations, and have delivered the best results in every campaign we undertook. It is refreshing to work with such a professional and highly innovative team.

Ravi Kiran

Founder & CEO, EduRobo

Involvement of PR Sutra has been complete in developing our marketing and business strategy for an important market like Hyderabad. We appreciate and endorse the great work, and look forward to continuing our relationship

Venkat K

CEO, Suntek Corp

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